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We solve people flow and count

We are a solution provider for intelligent people flow and people count solutions and meet challenges at airports, in retail, transportation and building management.  Our clients measure KPIs such as footfall, queue length and waiting times to help optimize operations.   The insights gained from people flow measurements enable you to improve the customer experience and overall performance.



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In combination with dedicated software solutions, our sensor have become a global standard in people counting, people flow measurement and in-store analytics.  Our unique ability to cover areas of any size paves the way for unprecedented applications. 

The direct image processing on a 3D Sensor makes dedicated servers obsolete and hence lowers infrastructure costs considerably.

Our solutions for people counting, in-store analytics and people flow monitoring pave the way to smoother people movement through facilities, streamlined processes and increased customer satisfaction.

Highlight to our solution

  • Up to 98% Accuracy

  • Staff Exclusion using Paper code

  • Gender identification

  • Up to 99 sensors integrated as a single detection

  • Multiple line / zone counting per sensor

  • Mask detection

  • Real Time Occupancy

  • Support Indoor and Outdoor environment

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