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Mobile Video Monitoring

Our Video Management Software (VMS) is super fast, easy to use, and cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) / video surveillance software. It is designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras, so you can monitor, analyze, and react to critical events in real time.

Our solution supports and transforms traditional analog and local based video monitoring to an advance mobile phone base monitoring service in a cost effective way.

We also offer our cloud storage solution, which allows customer to store and manage their existing video footage in the cloud. Also, to make an additional copy in the cloud to provide extra security on the video footage.

Highlight to our solution

  • Supports 99% of the IP camera available in the market

  • Mobile phone apps with fisheye dewarping

  • Cloud connection service, no fixed IP required

  • Cloud storage available

  • Support Windows, MAC OS, Android, iOS, Linux platform as server or client

  • Software license includes lifetime warranty

Integrated Management Platform



Cloud Based Video Analytic

IP Video Surveillance as a Service

Video Surveillance as a service in new to the Hong Hong market, and we are the first one offering this service in Hong Kong. Video Surveillance serves to protect people and property just using security cameras and the power of Ai and Machine Learning.

The Video Surveillance as a service servers are a fully protected secure location for your video and automation services.  The network of image servers is invisible to the open internet and so provide reliable solution. The servers control access to your cameras enabling better security and privacy enhancements for home-owners. Security Systems and CCTV are protected by strong cybersecurity.

We support existing DVR/NVR/VMS with API or RTSP video stream connected to the internet.

Other Solution Includes:

Retail Analytics - Captures and analyzes shopper's behavior with integrated dashboards to provide insight into your customers.

Security as a Service - Combine video with access control and alarm devices for remote monitoring and creating a recurring revenue service.

Data Center Monitoring - Integrate video with temperature and moisture sensors to prevent outages for data centers and cloud operations.

Health & Safety - Create a solution that uses AI to detect fall, helmets and safety gear, and more in order to monitor workplace safety.

Safe City Platforms - Integrate IP cameras and 3rd party systems into one unified solution so that you can monitor multiple areas at once.

Traffic Management - Combine videos with AI traffic analytic solutions for advanced monitoring of vehicles, pedestrians, and more.

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